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AJR PLUMBING & GASFITTING is a full service professional plumbing service. Founded by Andrew Rainsbury in 1998. Andrew has provided quality service and workmanship on the Mornington Peninsula for over 30 years. Working in all aspects of plumbing, from multi million dollar developments, to replacing tap washers. AJR PLUMBING & GASFITTING has created longstanding, trusting relationships with clients throughout the Mornington Peninsula.

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Available Services

The proper functioning of your plumbing system and fixtures is important to me. AJR PLUMBING & GASFITTING offers a wide variety of services to cover all your plumbing needs. Whether it’s a large or small project, we’ve got you covered. Get to know more about what we can offer by reading about the different services that we offer below.

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Broken and Burst Pipes

Yes, Unfortunately pipes do burst or become blocked.

Give Andrew a Call to have them repaired quickly and efficiently 

Kitchen Appliance Installation

We can take the hassle out of updating your kitchen appliances. From pick up and delivery, removal and disposal, to the alteration of the cabinetry to suit your new appliance. We will work with you to achieve your desired results.


Arrange for one of our team members to give you an honest assessment of your current system. We can advise you of the latest products and the best solution for your needs. 

Bathroom Fixture Renewal

If your thinking of replacing your bathroom fixtures to update your bathroom, or to just try to conserve water. Speak to one of our team to advise you on what's suitable.

Gas Heater Installations

Heater replacements - We can arrange for your existing heater to be disposed of and your new heater installed with minimal fuss.

Give our team a call to advise you on the best suited heater for your requirements.

New House/Renovation Plumbing

Need a Plumber that can provide you with all of your Plumbing requirements. Send Andrew a copy of your plans, for a competitive quote.

Bathroom Renovations

We are able to discuss, design and construct your dream ensuite and bathroom. Having the advantage of 30 years of business contacts on the Peninsula, having the experience and the luxury of being able to choose the best trades. Giving our clients the confidence that their project will be constructed to our exacting standards.

Water Tank Installations

From below ground concrete water tanks to above ground Poly tanks. We can provide the best advise and installations process for your site requirements. 

Pump Maintenance

If your water pressure is not as good as it once was. Give Andrew a call to have him assess and advise the best remedy for your pump needs.

Our Guarantee

By being a licensed Plumber and Gas Fitter, we are regulated by the VBA. This ensures that our work must meet all of the current standards and regulations. Providing a Compliance Certificate for all work that fits the following guidelines.



In Victoria, compliance certificates must be issued upon completion of the following:

  •     any plumbing work that has a total value of $750 or more, including labour, materials, appliances, and/or fixtures, regardless of who they were purchased by

  •     all work carried out on below ground sanitary drains

  •     all work involving the installation, relocation, replacement or conversion of any gas-using appliance

  •     all work involving the installation, modification or relocation of consumer gas piping 



All work subject to Compliance Certificate carries insurance to protect the owner/consumer against defective work by a plumbing practitioner. You should retain your Compliance Certificate for 6 years as evidence of your cover.


Work that does not fall under these guidelines, is guaranteed by the assurance and reputation of our business. We will make good any fault or issue that arises from faulty workmanship. We also ensure that the products and materials that we use are only of the highest quality and meet the relevant standards.

Our Credentials

At AJR PLUMBING we provide one of the Peninsula’s most reliable and reputable plumbing services, with 30 years experience across all areas of Plumbing and Gas fitting. We take pride in our first class reputation for providing excellent customer service, attention to detail, delivering quality products and installations. We are fully insured and Registered with the VBA and The Master Plumbers Association.